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#  Wireshark and SSL/TLS Master Secrets

The SSL/TLS master keys can be logged by mitmproxy so that external programs can decrypt SSL/TLS connections both from and to the proxy. Recent versions of Wireshark can use these log files to decrypt packets. See the Wireshark wiki for more information.

Key logging is enabled by setting the environment variable SSLKEYLOGFILE so that it points to a writable text file:

SSLKEYLOGFILE="$PWD/.mitmproxy/sslkeylogfile.txt" mitmproxy

You can also export this environment variable to make it persistent for all applications started from your current shell session.

You can specify the key file path in Wireshark via Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> TLS -> (Pre)-Master-Secret log filename. If your SSLKEYLOGFILE does not exist yet, just create an empty text file, so you can select it in Wireshark (or run mitmproxy to create and collect master secrets).

Note that SSLKEYLOGFILE is respected by other programs as well, e.g., Firefox and Chrome. If this creates any issues, you can use MITMPROXY_SSLKEYLOGFILE instead without affecting other applications.